Museum: Introduction

This site was developed by Kevin, a student at the Education Unit of Mountjoy Prison. His interest in prison history led him to create this site on the museum in Mountjoy Prison as a FETAC, Level 5, Web Authoring project, which he completed in May 2010.

Currently the site is located in part of 'Egans' building outside the walls of Mountjoy. The future location of this museum is uncertain as considerations regarding the possible siting of the museum within another mainstream museum are ongoing. The site is in part an attempt at documenting and in some way preserving Mountjoy Prison museum.

The museum itself was originally located in the basement area of Mountjoy and was founded by James Petherbridge, Deputy Governor (retired), in 2003. It has been taken care of by Sean Reynolds, who has been of valuable help and a great resource in the development of the site. It was evident from interviewing Sean for this project that he has an extensive knowledge of the prison and its history. He is also passionate about his work as curator. Sean has cleverly made use of the space in and around the museum room in Egans to maximise the display area and draw visitors attention to the museum itself.

There is a wide range of items, collected from Mountjoy and other Irish prisons over the years, on display in the museum. Most of the items are original, some were restored, and a few are replicas. Not everything in the museum is described on the site but the items mentioned should give an overall feeling of the variety and value of items on display.


Museum Room


Museum Exterior